Video Converter Android

New feature * * *
Audio and video Info
For full video files conversion tools
In the start time and end time specified by remove part of a video
Video MP3 MP4 and AAC from video extract, remove, other video formats to convert to MP3 or AAC

   Video Converter Android- screenshot

Main features:
Mp4 or mpg video formats or most seen from 264 to convert (video converter video)
Extract audio from video to MP3 or AAC-format, (audio profile, audio video)
Size-reduce video file to send out SMS etc (reduce size profiles)
While the quality of the original video-convert video to retain (keep the quality profile)
Advanced mode video bitrate, audio bitrate, codec etc arbitrary resolution, to specify manual (profile)

Video Converter Android Pro is available. GetPro > Help menu > Pro version to get the key. It gets rid of the ads and enables more features * * *

Menu = > video converter convert video to Android, always fails, please press help = > response = > a detailed log to send out the conversion. We worked more and more devices were making app ‘ ve. ***

Video Converter Android (VidCon) the best (and free!) is on Android for Android video converters. Background ffmpeg library, with support for Android video converter, ASF, AVI, DivX, FLV, M4V, m2v, MKV, MJPEG, MOV, mpg, OGG, Ogv, including MPEG4 and H264 video, RM to convert almost any video formats RMVB, WebM, WMV can, etc to support a specific video format DV4 you want, email us the details or comment. We will try to add support in a future release.

Play the video in various formats for video players instead of using, you can use the Android video converter convert video to Android support formats, and hardware acceleration system with player play video. It gives you better video experience.

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