Selfi Special

Snapi is a program that lets you add a counter before taking your photos, being ideal for those moments in which you want to take a selfie.

That’s because it avoids the inconvenience of having to push a button “digital” on the screen, but only use a simple system of activation by gestures.

The application runs as a separate application from your camera, however, when saving an image she will be placed in the Gallery of the appliance in the folder with the name of the application. The program is not an image editor and, similarly, he brings tools for you make corrections or apply effects lighting in photographs.

Taking photographs

You know that point in which you want to do a selfie, but everything you need is to appear with both hands holding the device? The Snapi is to help you solve this problem by introducing a mechanism that will make your life easier when making this kind of picture, alone or accompanied.


After opening the application and have the desired angle focused, it is only necessary to open your hand, close and open it again. Once this is done, the timer is activated and at the final count, your picture is stored on the device. Initially, it comes with a two-second counter, but in the settings it is possible to increase or reduce that time.

Snapi is an application that serves to add a smart meter time to take a picture with your cell phone. With it, you will no longer have to worry about pushing a button in the middle of the screen – action that often ends up including activating another command or leaving the camera screen, depending on the model of your device.

Likewise, you won’t have to change the mode of your camera, which is also something uncomfortable, since I don’t always want to take a selfie. The program works as a standalone application and separated from your camera and, therefore, it must be opened normally like any other program on the device.

Still, can relax because your photos will be stored in the appliance’s Gallery, in a folder with the name of the application.