Search Image

The app doesn’t count with an independent interface or configuration options. Its opening is performed directly in the program in which you’ll attach the illustration. To do this, press the button to insert attachment, choose “Image Searcher”. Then the screen program is open and just enter a keyword to perform a search.

The results are displayed in the form of a gallery of thumbnails and opened with a touch. Through the option button you have access to more details about the item, including its resolution and the source of the illustration. Then, to attach, simply use the existing confirmation option on the screen, causing the image to be added to the program in which you opened it.

Image Search

Above you gave a full description on the Image Searcher and their functionality, know now what we think of Image Searcher is an application that lets you do searches for images on the internet, with a specific tool for finding this kind of item. In addition, it does not have an independent interface, operating only from the program in which you want to attach the design found on the network.

Thus, it can be interesting in case you’re in search of an image type for sending through a messaging client or by email. Even if he doesn’t have an open interface directly by a button, the screen displayed for searching when the app is fired is simple, but pleasant to use.