Search Everything

Windows, rather than a search engine with one of the standard Windows search is a lot faster. Windows search, all the files on your computer in the start everything and displays the bookmarks. What file and folder search type in the filter are displayed can be limited. Only the name of the bookmark file is usually a jungle to build your database is used. 1,000,000 files take about 1 minute.
Version added the title of Bell operator, not a special case, the wildcard, and other improvements and bug fixes.
“All” instantly find files and folders by name, the search engine for file for Windows.
Windows Search “computers in everything” (“all”) displays each file folder in contrast.
You type in the search filter are displayed what file and folder limit.
How long does it take to index my files?
“Everything” only indexes the file name and folder in your database to a forest to build generally.
Windows 8 (70,000 files) to set up a new index takes about 1 second.
1,000,000 files take about 1 minute.
Search file contents?
No, not “all” not only the name of the file and folder to search for the contents of the file.
My system resource hog “all things”?
No, it’s much more system resources “everything” uses.
Install a new Windows 8 (70,000 files) about 6 MB of RAM, at least 3 MB of disk space will be used.
1000000 files into RAM, 50 MB, 15 MB of disk space will be used.

All Windows downloads

Small installation file
Clean and simple user interface
Instant file indexing
Quick find
Minimal use of resources
Easily share files with others,
Real-time updates