Pop Video Player

Pop player you Android gadget to take advantage of features gives a lot of fun and a great video player. Supported by all other breeders, videos are listed in the same way that the initial screen of the program.

“GridView” (grid view), the “list view” (see list) and “folderview” (display percentage folder): three ways to look at. You can get the option at the top of the screen.

If you play a video, to show, not just tap anywhere on the screen. One of the most interesting options window size by using a background process on the part of the player “pop out” option button.

More important, the Pope gave full details of the player’s functionalities, knows what it takes longer,
Players pop, but you get a video player on Android is fairly common, there are some features found in the additional applications.

The player pop-up

An intuitive interface that it always presents a good organization of interesting layout utility. In addition, the system will find all the video stored in a proper gadget by automating scanning, you can navigate to the directory on your memory card.


Control during playback in fact difficulties found in people with other programs and other software will bring any argument is not, do the same.

However, a temporary window is likely to be shared with DLNA options, video enough to point the way, and free programs to view these resources much time putting.