Egene Nevgen, Belarus, which is the perfect time to pretend, ceo, selfies filter to register their funny face, the company is a manufacturer of apps from the application, today announced that Facebook bought by people, but the application MSQRD. The official blog for news, developers, and now is your team to join the social network group.

Imaging technology is specified in the absorption of the excuse, but Facebook it is quite possible that venture also know which platform integration of mobile applications for the Web version of the news. But that is unlikely to be any information.

Update now available for Copa America in 2016, with special filters at MSQRD
Open, and then filters and select the icon in the face of Appy in 2016, the different sections of a new filter in the COPA, the application in the list of options and select your favorite teams for the flag icon to select

Even MSQRD Android, IOS is available in stores with the acquisition of related applications, and as a separate entity from Facebook should stop work. This is basically what happened with, for example instagram.

What does he do?

MSQRD to take a photo and record images in real time, you face the people who play with the faces is considered one of the best apps on the video will be available for permission to edit. To add a new capability to the highlighted “celebrities” for example was one of Leonardo DiCaprio look like.
Trading value are not specified, but recently his movement to similar devices the application Snapchat to, the game has nothing to do with confidence. Facebook and acquisition TecMundo stay tuned for more information.