Mobile Cleaner

Android system device can be cleaned with a clean history, protect your personal privacy on your phone more quickly to save your disk space immediately.

1. clear your browser history
2. clean all the application cache
3. clear the Clipboard
4. clean incoming calls
5. clean outgoing calls
6. clean missed calls
7. clean chrome history
8. clean YouTube search history
9. clean Google search history
10 clean download
11. optimize memory

[What is the application cache files]

Application cache files for temporary files created by the application. For example, the browser when you visit a Web page, save it as image files, cache files. These cache files when you are at the end of the old system cache is a tool is useful if you need help, and so will clean the application files. Often clear cache, it can speed up your phone, it is a good idea to save disk space.


None of my apps app all of the necessary permissions apply to advertising function use to comply with the requirement will not be hurt by the users.

You have a history of cleaning this device, it’s up to you to use your information to help (such as call logs, contacts, browser history, Clipboard).

Application will not be shared with anyone, and there is no information that this information is uploaded to the server.