Know your Mobile Info

The application in the form of hardware, operating system version, processor, display resolution, internal memory, digital cameras, on the front of the main image sensor data, showing, among other things.

If you have access to extended for more specific data for each option. For example, you can get to know your digital camera functions, focal length, angle, and zoom are not supported.

screenshot_49We believe that it is now known, and gave me a full description of its functionality on top of the device
Contrary to what you suggest, my device is not Google mobile operating system, application, and management and monitoring. But it is still a good application-it only displays information.

My device is demonstrated in detail all technical specifications, could result in a complete list of devices-which can exchange information via email if you need to use.

The only criticism is loathsome and Visual displays. Given that she wasn’t able to help before in understanding each application would be more interesting in my communication tool with your photos.