How to save facebook voice recording

Voice recordings are an excellent tool to communicate with their friends, ideal for those times when you can’t “press”, or the text that you want to send is too extensive.

If text messages are very easy to keep (as explained here: Save conversations from Facebook), save voice recordings can be a little more challenging. However, this can be done without resorting to external programs or services.

How to save voice recording on Facebook

1. begin by accessing your Facebook page through the computer. Now, change the URL that appears in the address bar

2. Facebook will load “mobile” on your computer. Therefore, it is normal that the page stay look “weird”, however, is temporary (only to download the voice recording file).

3. go to the section “Messages” and look for the conversation that has voice recording you want to save.

If this is not possible, you can find the profile of the friend in question and play in the “message” button.

4. Now, click with the right mouse button on the recording and select “Copy Audio address”.

Now, just open a new browser window, position the cursor in the address bar, and paste the address (or press CTRL + V). Press ENTER, if all went well the audio file will be saved automatically.