How to install YouTube Kids

Youtube can be a great teaching tool for kids, being filled with educational videos. Youtube is also a great help when the “little ones” are restless, and the parents cannot give the attention that surely would have wished.

Thinking smaller, Google (owner of YouTube), decided to launch a completely redesigned version of YouTube, in order to create a safer environment for young children’s content and display only visually attractive to children, Youtube Kids

How to install YouTube Kids

Although YouTube Kids has been released in 2015, is still not present in all countries (Portugal included). However, nothing prevents you from using YouTube Kids on your Android. In SafePC Tuga we explain how to download YouTube Kids for your device for free.

First, check whether you can download Youtube Kids through Google Play Store at the following link: YouTube Kids.

If a message indicating that the application is not available in your country, go to and download the Youtube Kids for your Android.

Emphasize that you will need to activate the option “unknown sources” to install “applications” by Google Play Store.

To do this, simply enter the menu “settings” (or definitions)-security-unknown sources and activate the corresponding option and proceed to installing the application.

Find content in Portuguese

To launch the application it is normal that the user finds only content in English. However, if you enable the search of YouTube Kids, quickly find the videos in Portuguese of their favorite characters.

Set times

Another interesting option is the possibility to set viewing ranges. At the end of the application blocks. To do this, simply press the safety button (shaped like a padlock) and enter the security code.