Hide Photos and Videos

Vaulty that their privacy with millions of believe!

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Image and video covers
None of us can get your stuff. And to see one of those apps, hide any of the pictures and videos.

Password protection
And protected. A PIN to protect their vaults Vaulty or text, using a password.

Automatic online backup (free!)
Protect your data in case of an accident. Online to save your pictures and videos using the automatic backup.

Multiple vaults
Safe and secure management of pictures, trick your friends to view. A different password for each Vault Vaulty uses.

Make sure that no use your trying to Vaulty Volt to make sure. Enters an incorrect password, take a picture of them, and its Vaulty layout to store it.

How to use
Hide pictures and video Vaulty area
1. open the lock icon at the top of the Vaulty, and tap,
2. tap an album and
Select the files on the top 3. Tap thumbnails to hide them off.

From other apps “share” pictures and videos
1. While viewing a photo or a video, tap the share icon,
2. Select from the list of apps, Vaulty,
3. remove the layout of your pictures and videos from the Gallery, Vaulty hide them safe.