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Add Remove Mosaics

In Windows, Microsoft has made 10 return the Start Menu by creating a “hybrid” version of the traditional start menu, with the Metro Environment introduced in Windows 8. This new start menu is highly customizable, allowing you

How to install YouTube Kids

Youtube can be a great teaching tool for kids, being filled with educational videos. Youtube is also a great help when the “little ones” are restless, and the parents cannot give the attention that surely would have

How to save facebook voice recording

Voice recordings are an excellent tool to communicate with their friends, ideal for those times when you can’t “press”, or the text that you want to send is too extensive. If text messages are very easy to

Disable Windows Defender-Windows 7 and 8.1

he AntiMalware Service Executable is a service related to Windows Defender, a security program that is embedded in the root Windows 10. In this way, Microsoft tried to ensure a basic line of defense against viruses and