If the application BookMyShow movies, plays, concerts, sports and other events happening in your city, you can book a ticket. When you book you can buy movie tickets online. Check that you have shown in our film, you read the news and reviews of Theatre lists allows for.
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For all your ticket is, which is a one-stop-shop application BookMyShow and entertainment shows. Tamil or Telugu film shows, plays, comedy shows, music concerts, or-20 booking-you want, we got it!

BookMyShow, we take user privacy very seriously. This application here to ask for details of any license. We do not save any of this information to the server.

• Storage: in order to save a lot of network calls on some of the data does not exist to avoid.
• Location: location information around places you used to show. No data is saved on our servers.
• Your social information, and we take you to share information only with booking contacts need to read your contacts. We do not save any of your data to the server. Ever.
• OK and log [applications your application information]: we are aware that any issues that you may experience with your application will help you resolve to use it. We do not save any of this information.
• Need for your accounts, we can send you push notifications. Don’t worry, we don’t like spam.
• Your battery is affected by this requirement, we can send you push notifications. Don’t worry, we don’t like spam.
Your contact •: we join you after you book your ticket does not need access to your contacts can invite friends. Your information is kept confidential.
• Read and receive SMS: this permission to read a time need to enable our app – automatically to complete payment by SMS enter password code. No one will protect your privacy and information.

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