Aznog – Free Phone Calls

Unlimited free calls to anyone in the United States of America and to create 26 other countries!
AZNOG is whether landline or mobile phone, you are not free to 27 countries to allow unlimited local and international phone calls will be able to.

Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Chile, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Poland, Romania, Sweden, free in-App users will be able to call Spain, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America and Venezuela. We will keep adding more countries to the list.

— Cannot call directly on the phone number for free (and even non-app users Aznog). Unlimited free calls.
-Phone or Internet applications need to answer Aznog.
Unlike other communication applications, you cannot buy the credits to pay for the subscription package or any other numbers to call mobile and landline phone to directly.
-Call privacy secure TLS encryption.
-Control of any country call aznog Aznog.

There is a person in his/her Call on her mobile phone number, phone app on the Internet requires an application to obtain a standard call.

Call and call duration is 2 minutes soft limit, but you can call an unlimited number of times. In this software, we will soon have the highest number of calls per range will increase.

You free calls to other users of the application Aznog words.

You Aznog using any mobile number you can call. Talk to your family, friends, loved ones, or your local pizza delivery man by using your phone’s default dialer is known from the contact list by calls.
Aznog Wi-Fi, 3-ji, 4-ji works on LTE.

Here’s how to work an app here:
-> Once you have your selected country sign up to enter your mobile phone number. You need to enter your mobile number and you will not see your friends in your contact list.
No, we make sure that you belongs to check in with your mobile number.

-Enter a time successful, > application. You “screen” to see your synched contacts.
Star contact list application using Aznog with others marked with contacts.

-With all of your contacts now > free enjoy using.
You contact them directly from your mobile phone number in the call list, you may as well make use of people as aznog anyone can call.

-Any number of the contacts screen > you “dial” dial.

Our mission around the world to access unlimited free calls to mobile numbers are allowed.
We know that there are people who every day/week/month Outbound PSTN calls are millions of that; And the Internet, or called, not solutions. We will help you to call their charges to reduce the billions of people to provide a real solution wanted. So, we created Aznog.

Aznog anywhere, it is a communication service to a mobile application users to call for free to anyone that allows as available to the public!

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