Windows 10 Updates

The Windows will be officially launched 10 July 29, 2015 day, and on many computers with Windows 7 and 8, began to emerge a message suggesting the free Windows 10 Reserve.
However, some users still have not received this message. If you’re one of those users, learn how to solve the problem.
Making your reservation at Windows 10 (Fix)
In the first place (and to remove the “pressure), if you don’t do the booking until 29 July day can upgrade for Windows free 10 (up to one year after the release).
However, you will need to correct the problem that prevents the upgrade, otherwise Windows will not be able to update.
There are several factors that can cause your Windows do not display the message (lack of updates, version not eligible, etc.).
Lack of updates
The Windows Update 10 comes via Windows Update, IE if there is a problem in the updates, you will not be able to receive the new version of Windows.
The most “funny”, is that many users don’t even know that Windows is having problems with Windows Update, because they are not notified by the system.
To resolve the problem, start by accessing the control panel-Windows Update. Check if there are updates available. If so, click on the “install updates”.
How to book windows 10
If the updates are not installed, see our tutorial: how to resolve Windows Update errors.
2. Use WindowsFix application
Alternatively, you can use a small file “bat” called “Windows10 Fix Full”. In practice, it applies all the known solutions allowing you to unlock the upgrade.
To do this, start by accessing the following link from DropBox and proceed to extract the file using a program (WinRar, 7zip, etc.).
Click with the right mouse button on “bat” file and select the “run as Administrator” option. Now, just follow the instructions from the application.
I didn’t get the message Windows 10 reserve
Making your reservation at Windows 10
If all went well, the Update icon will appear on the taskbar (near the clock). Now, just click on the button “Book free update”. Are you ready.
windows 10 reserve
Almost makes me want to say, so much trouble to click a button. If you solved the problem another way, share your solution via comment. Thank you.