Add Remove Mosaics

In Windows, Microsoft has made 10 return the Start Menu by creating a “hybrid” version of the traditional start menu, with the Metro Environment introduced in Windows 8.

This new start menu is highly customizable, allowing you to change dimensions, colors, shortcuts, applications, etc. Here are some tips for customizing the Windows Start menu 10 to your liking.

Start menu in full screen

Intend to use the start menu in full screen (simulating the environment of Windows 8).

Is very simple, just enter the start menu-settings-customization-Beginning. Activate the option “Use Beginning in full screen”.

Change the color of the start menu

Go to start menu-settings-customization-colors. Select the color that you want to associate to your Windows Start menu 10.

Alternatively, you can enable the option “automatically pick a color characteristic of my background image” which adjusts the color of the start menu, with the predominant color of the background image.

Customizing the windows start menu 10

If you use a theme with several different images, your Start menu will change the color on.

Adjust the size of the Start Menu

Windows 10 allows you to change the size of the Start Menu. In practice, simply access the start menu and place the mouse cursor at the upper limit of the menu to display the option to “resize”.

Add Remove Mosaics

The Start Menu of Windows 10 has several predefined mosaics.

However, you can add or remove mosaics in order to optimise the start menu so you can match your needs.

To remove, simply click on a mosaic and select “Remove from the beginning”. If you want to add an application in the start menu, simply use the Windows Search 10, click with the right mouse button and select “fix at Home”.

Disable dynamic mosaics

The Start Menu of Windows 10 has several dynamic mosaics, which carry live updates. If you don’t see usefulness in this functionality, you can disable the updates.

To do this, simply press the right mouse button in mosaic and select “More”-“disable dynamic mosaic”